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Bitcoin, commonly known as a cryptocurrency or virtual currency, is completely digital.

What makes Bitcoin the future of currency?

Bitcoin is designed in a manner that helps you store, send, and receive money directly without any communication with middlemen like banks, credit card companies or third party intermediaries. 

Bitcoin came into existence in 2009 after the 2008 financial crisis.  A mysterious person named Satoshi Nakamoto invented what we today know as Bitcoin. What this anonymous person had invented was only worth a few dollars in its initial years but it reached over $20,000 per coin by late 2017. Even today, no one knows who Satoshi is.

After the Covid-19 Pandemic made economies collapse, many countries started looking for a quick alternative to support their stumbling systems. This has led to a boost for digital currencies and has increased the worlds  interest in Bitcoin 

Bitcoin right now is similar to the early days of the internet. World Wide Web went live in 1991 and within just a decade, its ecosystem expanded at a rapid rate due to an increase in demand.

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